You sit relaxed in your lounge watching the cricket on TV a relaxed man after a week at work. Moving into your own home a year ago was a huge moment in your life and you continue to look for ways to maintain and improve it.

It was in a bit of a state initially, but with hard work and calling in experts where required, you have got it looking in good condition. The hard work you spent getting the wooden floors looking like brand new through excessive sanding was well worth it, prior to you applying Osmo floor varnish, which is the perfect finishing touch.

  • You weren’t sure of which product to use or what to do with the varnish, but the staff at the showroom could not have been more helpful with their advice and guidance which offered more than 15 years of experience as members of the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA).
  • There was a plethora of varnishes and waxes to choose from, all of which are easy to apply and then maintain providing natural oil and wax-based finishes. You are delighted with the one that you settled upon. You required two coats without any primer, saving time and money.
  • The wood protector that you also laid has done exactly what it says on the tin, with your floor the envy of visitors who wanted to know the product that you are using.
  • The wooden floor is waterproof and easy to dry from occasional drink spillages without it staining. It is now easy to clean and maintain meaning it always looks in pristine condition.
  • The same company that supplied you with the varnish also provide the perfect cleaning materials which are formulated with plant-based soaps, meaning that they are also doing your bit for the environment.
  • You are aware that in time you will need to add a new coat of varnish owing to normal wear and tear, but this is easily carried out without the requirement of further advanced sanding in little time.
  • There was a delivery service as well as being able to call into the showroom, which means everywhere around NSW is able to receive the products.

The hard initial work of sanding was well worth it once you applied Osmo floor varnish to your floors, as your home now looks as good as news. The floors are perpetually clean and require little maintenance.