When you purchased your property so many years back, it was your firm belief that the property was indeed big enough and you thought about your future plans and the kids that you might have. Even after doing that, you still felt it was big enough and so you went ahead and bought it. Move forward 10 years later and now you find yourself in a situation where you have indeed run out of space and your kids are driving you nuts because they insist on privacy and having their own rooms. You as a parent have to figure out a way to create new space within your current property and while you have thought about selling up and buying a bigger property, this isn’t terribly practical and the kids would hate you for it.

You have options here and one of them could be a knock down rebuild in Canberra that could help to utilise your space better and it would allow you to give your kids the space that they need. This is not a one-sided thing because the kids get their space but you also get some peace and quiet as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and the following are some of the other ways that you could create more space within and outside your current property.

  • Utilise the attic space – The answer may be right above your head and if you have an attic space then it is incredibly likely that the space is not being properly utilised. It’s one of those out of sight out of mind places and so you need to get your local construction company up there to get an idea of the kind of space that you can work with and whether or not an extra bedroom or two can be created.
  • Consider the garage – If you are honest with yourself, you will openly admit that you haven’t parked the car in there in some time and if anything, it has become a kind of storage room and launderette. This is the perfect space to create an additional room or maybe even a granny flat and your eldest teenager will love you for it.
  • Consider an extension – It is going to be a lot cheaper to add on to your current property rather than to move to a new one. All you need to do is to get some planning permission and then your local building contractor can add an extension onto the side of your property that can maybe create an additional bedroom and maybe even a study for you.

These are three excellent ways to create more room around your property and if you start thinking outside the box and discuss it with your contractor, you should be able to come up with some other great ideas.