Once a domestic helper gets in your home, they become part of the family. You will need to make arrangements for their medical treatment and food among other expenses the same way you do for your own family. One of the best ways to prepare for any eventualities that may result from having a domestic worker in your house is taking out a comprehensive domestic helper insurance policy. There are several countries around the world where domestic worker insurance is mandatory. This insurance covers domestic workers from possible accidents, illnesses, and injuries that they may suffer as a result of employment.

There are many insurance companies that offer insurance coverage for domestic workers on the Asian continent. Most of these countries operate beyond the borders of any single country. This article will cover some of the commonest coverages that domestic worker insurance covers.

Employer liability and personal accident liability

Employer liability like the name suggests is meant to protect the employer of a domestic worker. When you have this insurance cover, you are protected against any liability that may arise from your domestic worker sustaining injuries or accidents to their body while in the line of duty. For instance, your employee may trip on a wet floor and fall while cleaning your house so that they break their femur. In a case like that, the insurance company will pay all costs that result from medical bills, emotional pain, and lost wages among others.

Personal accident liability is the kind of insurance cover that protects domestic workers when they are unable to work temporarily or permanently because of injuries sustained from working. In case of accidental death in line of duty, the family of the domestic worker is given the compensation.

Hospitalization and surgical expenses and outpatient benefits

There may come a time when your domestic worker has to stay in a hospital due to sickness or injury. Such stays usually cost a lot of money depending on the kind of medical facility they are admitted into. If the facility is high-end, then you can expect the medical bill to run into a few thousand dollars in a few weeks. Such a high cost can be frustrating and problematic to pay, especially if it happened without any warning like most sicknesses and injuries do. If that ever happens to your domestic worker when you have hospitalization and surgical expenses insurance coverage, there is nothing to worry because the insurance company will pay the whole bill. The same is true for medical bill resulting from surgical operations.

If your domestic worker is treated but then allowed to return home from where they are treated further by a doctor or if they have to keep going back to the hospital for medical treatment and then returning home, the insurance company will also pay the medical bill in such a case.

Repatriation expenses

If your domestic worker ever dies or becomes permanently incapable of staying in employment due to injury or sickness, repatriation expenses insurance coverage will be very helpful. Under this policy, all costs related to the transportation of the employee back to their home country will be taken care of by the insurance company.