If you are one of the fortunate Australian homeowners who have a pool on the property and whether fibreglass, concrete or tiled, a pool can become tainted after a few years; largely due to the area being open to the elements and coupled with heavy usage, there will come a time when renovations are in order.

In this short article, we take a look at some of the ways that you can brighten up your pool area.

  • Replace the pool tiling – If the tiles have seen better days, the smart option is to replace the entire pool with high-quality tiles. Google ‘pool renovations, Perth’ for a list of established pool renovation specialists. Options include a complete replacement, or just on and above the waterline, which is often adequate. High-grade tiles do not retain algae and bacteria, making it much easier to keep the water clean. The contractor has a huge catalogue of pool tiles, so there will be a design that ticks all your boxes. This is typically a 1–2-day job, depending on the size and extent of the renovation; the tilers use plastic spacers that are removed when set and you can choose a contrasting grout colour if you wish.
  • Epoxy pool paint – Fibreglass and concrete pools can be painted using state-of-the-art epoxy pool paint with rich colour that holds. For a free quote, search online for a local pool renovation contractor; they are happy to send a technician to your property to discuss options and a quote can be issued. Substrate preparation is a key part of a successful job, which might take a couple of days with a dry pool.
  • Concrete re-plaster – Having the concrete replastered transforms the pool; top-rated pool plaster is rendered by tradesmen, giving you a long-term solution to peeling plaster. If you ask a local pool maintenance company, they will give you professional advice on the best solution. Use Google to invite several contractors to quote for the project and compare prices and packages. If the contractor is independently reviewed by Google or another organisation, you should be looking for at least 4.5 stars and a lot of positive comments from happy customers.
  • Re-tiling the pool perimeter – Perhaps the perimeter of the pool is worn and replacing the slabs is not that costly, depending on your choice of pavers. Get the best advice from a pool professional, who can list the options and quote accordingly.

Like most things, a swimming pool needs some TLC and if the time has come for a renovation, you can consider the above options.