Moulding is an essential aspect of interior design and one that can transform a space’s look and feel entirely. Among the most popular types of moulding (known as บัวสำเร็จรูป in Thai) are crown and border moulding. Crown moulding runs along the ceiling, while border moulding follows the edges of floors, walls, and ceilings. These two types can make a room look more significant, add depth, and texture while giving homes an elegant look.

Historical Significance of Moulding

Both crown and border moulding date back to the Renaissance period. Crown moulding was popularized in Ancient Greece and Rome, while border moulding gained popularity in the eighteenth century. The use of decorative moulding became a way for rich and powerful elites to flaunt their wealth. However, during the 19th and 20th century, moulding became more accessible and affordable, and its use expanded into middle-class homes. Thai homes also stand to benefit from the class that moulding can bring to any space.

The Benefits of Crown Moulding

Aside from their historical significance, crown and border moulding come with unique benefits to spaces. Crown moulding, for instance, enhances the look of a room, making it feel more elegant and spacious. The added height and dimension produce a statement ceiling and dynamic appearance. Crown moulding does not have to be traditional. There are various sizes, designs, and styles available. Thai homeowners can choose from various colours, materials and use it to add interest to textured walls and ceilings.

The Benefits of Border Moulding

Border moulding delivers the same impact as crown moulding but in a different way. It frames the walls, doors, and windows to break up monotonous space and create an architectural statement. It also creates the illusion of high ceiling and walls and serves to add value to the home. Thai homeowners have a significant opportunity to transform their rooms with border moulding, and their wall spaces should not be left neglected either.

Moulding Materials

Wood has long been the preferred material for crown and border moulding. However, modern technology has made moulding available in alternative materials such as plaster, foam and PVC. Each material has distinct properties, and the selection of materials can be overwhelming. Choose a style and material that works best for the space.

Professional Installation Matters

Achieving the perfect look with moulding requires professional installation. Crown and border moulding can be challenging to install for DIY enthusiasts. It requires experience, precision, and attention to detail. Consider hiring professional interior designers to guarantee perfection.

Crown and border moulding offer unique benefits and can transform any space. It may have historical significance, yet moulding remains relevant in today’s interior design world. As Thai homeowners, we must consider investing in these elegant and timeless finishes to enhance our homes’ beauty. Consider choosing a professional designer for a flawless installation. When you add moulding to your home, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with the beautiful transformation that follows.