If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, there is much to consider; the scope of the project, the style, the colours and the layout, to name but a few. Here are a few unusual colour combinations that might be the perfect solution for your small kitchen renovation.

  • White, Blue & Dove Grey – A classic Victorian theme, the grey can come from marble or granite benchtops with a blue emulsion for the walls. Even if you choose an off-white, this combination is ideal for a limited space kitchen. A splash of salmon pink adds elegance and contrast, with the presence of rattan.
  • Brown, Copper & Blue – Medium brown cabinets and blue granite worktops with a stunning copper canopy with copper pot racks make for a soothing look. When looking at kitchen designs in Sydney, you are likely to see blues and coppery browns in abundance, as this combination is easy on the eye. Luxury vinyl floor in a deep brown shade makes for the ideal flooring for a traditional country kitchen look.
  • Monochrome with Yellow – A bright yellow works with a black & white design, with black and white floor tiles, white cabinets and yellow walls will give you a clean look. The best solution is to consult with a kitchen designer and ask their opinion regarding colour combinations.
  • Light Green, Cream & Oakey Brown – Perfect for the classic country kitchen, with a bright and earthy feel, using pine and cream marble for worktops. This soft colour contrasts help the look to blend together and adding indoor plants is a great way to insert some nature. The kitchen renovation company would use computer graphics to create a virtual kitchen design and they have access to millions of colours, allowing you to experience the kitchen before it is created.
  • Paprika, Cinnamon & Curry – This earthy combination invokes a feeling of the Far East, the Silk Road that traders used to exchange natural herbs & spices. Red tones work well in a small room and with polished fittings, you can create a warm and inviting ambience.

Armed with colour pallets, talk to a kitchen designer about potential colour combinations and you are sure to come to a perfect agreement for the kitchen of your dreams. If you use a computer program for interior design, you can play around with many different colour combinations, as you have the ability to change the colour of any item.