The importance of having a creative outlet is often overlooked when, in essence, it is crucial to maintaining levels of stable mental health. People all over the world have begun experimenting with new ways to be creative.

Homeowners in the UK in particular, have started to purchase log cabins or summer houses for their gardens. These outbuildings are versatile spaces that can be utilised in a myriad of different ways; their owners are able to release their inner creative interior decorator and create something special which they can enjoy for years to come.


Bibliophiles are sometimes known to hoard books. Now, with a well-sized summer house, they can make their dream of a home library a reality. Shelves lined with books from ceiling to floor, a comfortable leather wingback chair and a cup of freshly brewed tea sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Music Room

Music in itself is both a creative and relaxing outlet. Musicians may not always be able to practice within their home for fear of disturbing the other members of the household. Having a studio in the garden is a stellar solution to this problem. The room can be soundproofed so you can jam to your heart’s content and seeing that you’re not practising in the garage like the teen bands of yesteryear, the car doesn’t need to be parked outside anymore.

Artist’s Retreat

Creating art can be a messy pastime, especially when you’re working with paint or clay. Because of this, many artists stifle their creative muse because they cannot use their preferred mediums within the home. An art space within their garden is without question an ideal solution. With them being able to create without inhibitions, they are almost assuredly going to soar to new heights.

Home Gym

Convert your shed into a small gym. You don’t need large, expensive equipment to maintain a fitness regime while you’re at home. A Pilates ball, some resistance bands, dumbbells, and a yoga mat are all you’ll need. Decorate the walls with mirrors or motivational posters. Grab your sneakers, turn up the music and get those endorphins pumping!

Streaming Space

Streaming rooms are spaces that allow for creative design. Ergonomic chairs, LED lights, backlit keyboards, and large HD monitors are only some of the items that make for fun gaming stress relief. Non-gamers may prefer to have a streaming room in which to relax with their favourite TV shows. They can create a suitable space by adding some comfortable couches, beanbags, or even a bed; a popcorn machine and a bar fridge won’t hurt either.

Meditation Space

A quiet room surrounded by the greenery of the garden sounds like the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Add to the tranquillity of the space by burning incense or scented candles. A small indoor fountain will also be an excellent addition as the sounds of babbling water release neurochemicals that aid relaxation and promote a sense of wellbeing.

The possibilities are endless. The only limitations on how creative you become with your space are those within your own mind.