We all know about the dangers of asbestos; indeed, there is a huge asbestos removal industry here in Australia and whether residential or commercial, there is always the risk of asbestos being present. Carrying out renovation work means you could disturb material that contains asbestos, which would release minute slivers of asbestos into the atmosphere and should these slivers be inhaled, there is a considerable risk of contracting respiratory disease.

The Asbestos Removal Industry

A Google search will bring up a list of asbestos removal companies in Perth, who are government approved to test for and to remove asbestos in domestic and commercial settings. Basically, any structure built pre-1970 could contain asbestos and we expect to find this harmful material for quite a few more years, as old buildings are either demolished or renovated.

Warehouses & Factories

Asbestos was popular to add to commercial roof sheeting and old warehouses and factories are prime suspects when it comes to asbestos related materials. If you are planning to replace your warehouse roof, you are advised to contact an asbestos removal contractor to come and carry out extensive testing. If you get the green light, you can move ahead with some confidence. In the event asbestos is discovered, the removal experts can safely take the material away under very strict control.

Residential Property

Imagine how many houses there are in Australia that were built pre-1970? This ensures that the asbestos removal sector will be busy for at least another decade; inspecting properties and safely removing the material when encountered. You might, for example, be thinking about a kitchen revamp and if this involves the removal of old sheeting, this is when exposure can occur. If your home was built before 1970, you really do need to have the property tested for the presence of asbestos and a Google search will help you locate a local asbestos removal company.

Silent Killer

Asbestos is known as a silent killer, as when asbestos products are disturbed, this can send tiny slivers of the material into the atmosphere and should they be inhaled, it is likely to cause lung issues. The material can remain lodged in lung tissue for many years and the affected person would have no idea there are any issues and it isn’t just humans that are at risk, any mammal that is exposed to this harmful material.

Don’t take any chances with asbestos and should you even suspect the presence of asbestos, call in the removal experts.