A refrigerator is the focal point in terms of aesthetics and practicality ranging from keeping food fresh to showing your family pictures. Some aspects need to be considered seriously while buying a new refrigerator.


Even if you opt for a model including all the advanced features but it is of no use if the unit cannot store needed for your household. Storage needs differ in your households’ shopping and eating habits. Use the following aspects to measure the capacity.

Capacity categories 

  1. Overall space within the fridge
  2. Fresh food storage means a non-freezer compartment, where perishable items get stored.
  3. Freezer compartment, where frozen items get stored. Space has to be sufficient for your needs.
  4. Creative storage is the special slots within the fridge like gallon-depth storage bins, soda can dispenser or pizza slots in the freezer. These options help you store and retrieve your favored item easily and quickly.

Model types or style

  • Top freezer
  • Bottom freezer
  • Side-by-side
  • French door
  • Mini-fridge
  • Wine or beverage centers
  • Freezer-less refrigerators
  • Counter-depth refrigerators

On the link meselectros.com you will find the different styles of refrigerateur [English Meaning = refrigerator] mentioned above. You can even get a vertical and horizontal freezer with casters to store extra frozen products.


After determining the capacity and preferred style, make a list of needed features. Some of the common features people look for are –

  • Adjustable bins and shelves – This make it easier for storing oversized items. The shelves and bins can be adjusted as per your needs. Shelves have spill-proof lips, which prevents spilled liquids from spreading down the fridge.
  • Ice maker – If you often have a get-together, then choose a large ice maker to keep drinks cold, during the party. There is no need to fill the ice tray because internal ice makers have connections with the water system. It uses filtered water to make ice cubes.
  • Filtered ice or water dispensers – Filtered water as well as ice cubes [crushed or whole] get dispensed with a push of the button.
  • Refreshment center door – Favorite drinks can be accessed via a separate door, which eliminates the time a fridge gets opened. It is a great option for families, who love beverages.
  • Temperature display – From the temperature display, you can adjust interior temperatures, child locks, type of ice to be dispensed, etc.
  • Dual cooling system – The cool air circulation in both the compartments are separated. Your ice in the freezer will not taste like the leftovers from last night.
  • Energy-efficiency – With Energy Star qualified unit, you get to save 20% energy, thus reducing your monthly utility bills.