Many people aren’t aware about the signs indicating bedbug bites. Thus, they will not be able to avail proper treatment at the right time. You need to know the indications of bedbug bites for faster treatment.

Signs that are observed after bedbug bites:

  • The pest bites are quite small and thus often related to being some kind of skin ailment or related to ant bites.
  • Small red liaisons are seen on the spot of bite. It may even reach up to 5mm wide.
  • Blood starts dropping from the bitten spot. Sometimes you can find blood dropping from the pierced spot.
  • Formation of blisters can be observed. The red lesions or patch develop into blisters. The blisters results in severe itching.
  • The area of the skin looks like marks of chicken pox. As most often they bite in the same area leaving behind reddish patches and blisters.
  • The person feeling restless and uncomfortable while sleeping or while resting. It is due to the pest bite leading to development of itchiness.

The signs usually are found when you wake up from your bed, armchair, when in movie hall or in office. The person realises that it is bedbug bite because before resting there wasn’t any marks of itching on the body. Moreover, there will be blood stains spotted on your bed linings. You can even see their exoskeleton usually in brown colour shed at the bed corners and under the lining. Another sign is the unpleasant smell that is due to releasing of pheromones by punaises de lit present in large numbers.

The symptoms usually observed are as follows:

  • Due to the bite, the spot on the skin starts itching. While piercing the skin to seek blood bedbug releases saliva having anticoagulant effects leading to itching at the surrounding part.
  • If left attended the blood loss will be more and you may feel restless and tired. Sometimes if the blood clusters are more it may result in feeling fatigue.
  • There may be even rise in body temperature. Sometimes the increase in temperature is due to not taking any steps to cure the bitten spot.

Placing the bedding and lining under direct sunlight and then cleaning with vacuum will be helpful to get rid of the bugs. If you find it difficult to do the prevention care or drive the bugs away yourself hire the services of Solution Cimex. You can contact them with the phone number provided on their site. You will get details to call them at their Granby, Sherbrooke, Aileurs and Montreal office.