Firearms are used for hunting, sporting, and protection purposes. They can also be used in defense and law enforcement. Firearms are essential items for home security and are a good investment if you practice safe firearm handling and storage. The variety of firearms to choose from is almost endless, making it possible to meet the specific needs of many people.

Whether you are a dedicated gun enthusiast or are new to the world of guns, there is plenty of articles and other helpful information on this site that can help you learn about all different types of guns and how to use them properly. 

What exactly are handguns?

Handguns are the most common type of firearm in the United States. They sit in a user’s hand and use a single, large cartridge of ammunition. Pistol, revolver, derringer…there is an array of terms to describe different handgun types. A handgun is usually a small weapon where the mechanism for discharge is located somewhere other than the breech (rear portion) of the barrel. Pistols typically have one or more safeties and either has barrel lengths from 3″ to 10″. The word handgun was not always used to refer to this type of gun, with the term pistol referring simply to a pocket-sized version of a long gun (usually a musket) in earlier eras.

What exactly are air guns?

Air guns are many things to many people. They are also guns, sometimes called in the trade air rifles or pellet guns. The most technologically advanced and intricate sporting equipment ever devised. They are used by Olympic shooters to win the gold. They are completely legal for adults in most countries with no license required and can be used for hunting small game or vermin, pest control, and target practice.

Air guns are one of the most popular hobbies in the U.S., and here’s why: there is virtually no recoil; you can use them indoors or outdoors; and with today’s high-tech models, you can shoot targets as far away as 330 feet. 

What are Gatling Guns, and how do they work?

Gatling guns are not discussed much on the Internet, and appear to be extremely popular in certain regions of the world. Gatling guns were developed by Gerhardt Gatling, an officer in the Prussian army. The idea was to create a single-barrel gun that could fire three different ammunition types by simply swapping several parts. Different models of the Gatling gun have been produced over the years, including some which can fire up to 22 rounds per minute.

Gatling Guns are rapid-fire weapons made of several barrels mounted on a revolving platform or combined into one rotating unit. The Gatling gun was in use before the invention of the internal combustion engine. The hand crank was used to rotate the barrels, which would fire continuously when the trigger was pulled and released.