Asbestos, that dirty word for a filthy mineral that Australians know all too well. Although the mineral was discontinued in the late-1980s and for obvious reasons, it still maintains its unwanted presence in many Australian homes. Homes built before the late-1980s are all susceptible to containing this carcinogenic mineral, which makes conducting renovations on such homes a risk without prior monitoring.

So, if you are an Aussie homeowner who is thinking about conducting renovations or are simply worried about your home containing asbestos, then you’ve probably noticed some of these signs that you need to have your home immediately tested:

  1. You want to renovate

It’s only natural to want to renovate an old home. After all, an old home contains many outdated and dysfunctional features, from dodgy shower heads to shoddy insulation and everything else you can consider. But you must enlist first class asbestos air monitoring before you go bashing down any walls.

As aforementioned, if your home was built before the late-1980s, it’s highly likely that those walls are containing this terrible substance, installed in the dark old days of carcinogenic ignorance. Nowadays, we know all about the dangers of this mineral, but the builders of old only saw it as an inexpensive insulator. As such, if you are planning to renovate that old inner-city workers cottage into a stunning new townhouse, ensure you call in the experts before you go knocking this horrible substance through the air.

  1. You’re worried your home contains the mineral

You don’t have to be renovating to be concerned about asbestos. In fact, many Aussie homeowners worry about its prevalence in residential dwellings, and this causes many to call in the pros just to ensure it’s not floating about the air like a bad smell. Have you recently worried about the risk of the mineral in your home? If so, this service is perfect for you.

The experts will come to your property and provide a professional class air monitoring service. If they find that the substance is present in the home, they will then go to work on ridding the home of the substance. If they find no presence well, hey, at least you have the peace of mind that you are living in a house that is free of this nasty mineral!

  1. You think you’ve noticed it in your property

Asbestos is more-or-less noticeable by eye. And, if you think you can clearly spot the substance up in the rafters or exposed, then the very first thing you should do is trust your instincts and call in the professionals. Not only will they be able to confirm whether or not it is in fact that mineral, but they will also be able to conduct further testing that will confirm just how prevalent it is on the property.

So, if you think you’ve spotted it somewhere in the home, you should immediately work to rectify the situation. It might not be what you think it is, but is it worth the risk of waiting if it is, in fact, this horrible mineral? Of course not! The very first thing you should do is call in the professionals to conduct further testing and, if necessary, a comprehensive removal service.

So, if you’ve recently noticed any of these signs swirling around your worried mind, then it’s time to do something about it. Call in the professionals to ensure that this problem doesn’t cause further worry – they know what to do with it.