Renovating a home can be an exciting but overwhelming time in the household. On one hand, you have big dreams about your living space, and you are excited to see that idea materialize. On the other hand, it can be time-consuming and at times feel a bit invasive. This invasiveness can feel especially true with a bathroom, but it’s an important room that requires thought.

By going into your renovations with a clear idea but a flexible mindset, you’ll be able to quickly enjoy the process of home renovation. When renovating a bathroom, ask yourself a few questions before starting any jobs.

Tub, Shower, or Both?

This is an essential question for any bathroom undergoing a complete redo. If you have multiple bathrooms in your house, maybe one bathroom will have a tub, and one might have a shower. It is possible to combine these two, but depending on the design you would like, this is an important decision to think about ahead of time.

Does Your Bathroom Need More Space?

Many homeowners struggle with storage space, especially in smaller homes. With a renovation, why not take advantage of adding storage? With bathroom renovations in northern beaches, many bathrooms tend to lack storage space, but it is easy to build it in. This can be in the form of shelves, extra drawers, or even cabinets. Are you building a new shower? Install an area for your toiletries. A renovator will be able to help you see where you can fit in extra space, which is always an added bonus!

Leave Room for Lots of Light

Bathroom lighting can be beautiful when done well. It can create a mood or help you prepare for a night out. When creating your new bathroom, consider how much lighting you’d like, and where exactly you’d like it. Do any cabinets need indoor lights? Should there be a nightlight somewhere during a midnight bathroom run? Maybe a nice dimmer light over the tub or shower?

Don’t forget your natural light options! A skylight or large window can help brighten up any room or make for a wonderful evening in.

Other things to consider with a bathroom are wiring replacement and proper ventilation. While these aren’t as exciting as some other planes, they will help with replacement costs and safety issues. Although these might sometimes be small rooms, bathrooms are a great way to get creative and let your personality shine through.